Please note: We are a support and social group for transgender folk in Fife and the surrounding areas. Our group is NOT a contact forum for any cisgender person wishing to meet up with transgender individuals with a view to relationships or other activities, and any enquiries of that nature will be dismissed politely, but firmly.

Our existence stems originally from a Needs Assessment which was carried out by LGBT Health and Wellbeing which showed that there was a great shortage of facilities and amenities for the LGBTI+ community in Fife, especially with regard to the transgender community.

As a result of that exercise funding was received for a 12 month pilot scheme involving the employment of a part time Development Worker to oversee the setting up of a Transgender specific group in Fife (Fife T-Time).

That pilot was very useful and productive and has allowed the core of us members to have a strong enough footing to take the group forward by ourselves on a voluntary basis.

As LGBT Health and Wellbeing are no longer able to provide funding for us we have rebranded ourselves as “Transgender Fife” with a mission statement of “A safe and empowering space for the Transgender community in Fife”.

T-Time Fife used to meet once a month on a Saturday afternoon, alternating between venues in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline and the group will continue with this arrangement for the time being.

The first few weeks of our “relaunch” were devoted to preparations for the first Fife Pride, an amazing event which proved a great success, and we thank all those who were involved in that especially Fife Centre for Equalities who additionally provided us with a “safe space” on the day.

Our meetings give everyone the opportunity to relax and “be oneself” in a safe space where everyone will be treated with respect and nobody will be judged or discriminated against for any reason. We are always keen to hear suggestions as to the possible content of future meetings and/or ideas for other activities.

Whichever venue the group meets at there will always be somewhere for individuals to change their clothes so that they may present themselves in the most comfortable way possible.

We are open to people aged 16 and above who are at any stage of their transitional journey, (our oldest attendee was 95), and to people who may be experiencing personal difficulties with their gender identity and just wish to have an outlet for their feelings and a desire to get to know others who have travelled similar paths. We also welcome parents of those under 16 who may be struggling to come to terms with their child’s desires.

New members are welcome to bring a supporter along with them for the first meeting, be it a friend, family member or work colleague.

If you are interested in becoming a member please use the Contact Form or email us at transgenderfife@outlook.com introducing yourself and giving us some idea of your situation.

Thank you, and stay safe.