One year on

This time last year we were in the middle of transforming ourselves from T-Time Fife to Transgender Fife and starting to prepare for the first Fife Pride. It was, to say the least, a somewhat busy period.

Since then we have been joined by some wonderful new members but, due to circumstances, have also had to say farewell to some great people too. The ones who have left or moved away are, however, always in our thoughts.

This morning I was thinking back over some of the things we have done and what we have achieved over the past 12 months, and I recall one particular “Committee” meeting not long after Fife Pride. A new member wanted to meet with us, (no names, no pack drill), and so as not to let them feel left out we agreed that they could sit in on the session.

Our dear friend Annette was there and we discussed quite a lot of things. Our new member was showing a lot of interest and contributing to the discussions so eventually I asked them, quite directly, “And what can you bring to the group?”

“Good question!”, Annette responded.

As it happens this person has become an important and valued member of the group, but the fact is we don’t ask anyone to bring anything special to the group; just their true selves, an open heart and mind, and a willingness to participate in their own and everyone else’s personal growth and enjoyment of life.

We have had some wonderfully inspiring sessions over the past year, and some of the best moments have been when someone just opens up to the group with their own take on life. It’s also fine, of course, if someone wants to just sit quietly and just enjoy the opportunity of being able to “breathe” in a safe environment.

Here’s to many more of the same!

If you have anything you wish to share with the group through this blog please send it in an email to for consideration. We do reserve editorial rights, of course, so cannot guarantee publication but all relevant items will be considered.

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