Coming out of lock down?

It seems like an eternity since we had our last group meeting, but there is hope on the horizon!

IF we’re lucky we might be able to arrange something for July, if not August, in either Kirkcaldy or Dunfermline.

In the mean time we are in talks to try to establish ourselves with a firm, fully accessible, base in Kirkcaldy. Once the details are ironed out we’ll make a full announcement on here.

There is also interest in the Cupar area with the potential of some group meetings over there, and again we will keep you updated if this proves fruitful.

Hang on in there, it shouldn’t be too long now, and stay safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “Coming out of lock down?

  1. I Am transgender and am a 40 Year old male but I’m gonna be seeing the phycologist soon and start hormone replacement therapy eventually I am soon gonna be going out dressing as a female and I need to meet other trans woman and get advice and support I’m just starting my journey but can’t wait to feminize as I’m not a hairy person and don’t have an Adam’s apple and I look good in jeggins and vest tops but I’ve got a female friend who is going to take me for the proper makeup and help me pass as a female I’m so nervous but very excited


    1. So pleased to hear that you’re making progress with your journey. 🙂
      It’s nice if one can pass, but still be prepared to be spotted. The main thing is not to get upset when it happens.
      Where will you be seeing the psychologist?


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