December Group Meeting – Kirkcaldy

This Saturday we will again be in Kirkcaldy. 2:00-5:00pm.

We are hoping to have two guest speakers this time; Nina Munday from Fife Centre for Equalities, and Stuart Duffy from Pink Saltire.

Under normal circumstances we would be looking to have some sort of Christmas festivity but, unfortunately, although I’m just about off the crutches now my back is still very weak and likely to still be troubling me by the weekend. Fiona, lucky girl, is also away sunning herself around the Atlantic Ocean so I’m really not in a position to be able to organise anything special.

Can I ask, therefore, for any regular members who can do so to arrive by about 1:00pm to help me unload the car and set the room up. All assistance greatly appreciated, thank you.

And please do confirm if you’ll be joining us as I need to know how many to cater for regarding refreshments.

2 thoughts on “December Group Meeting – Kirkcaldy

  1. Orion Moon

    Hi Tish,

    I truly hope you are on the better hand now. It all sounds very painful 🙁 I am back home so I am really looking forward to joining the meeting this Saturday. I can be there at 1pm to help with the boxes. That also gives me a change to get my makeup on because I won’t have the opportunity to do it at home this time, again 🙁 Is it at the Hive or at the other place?

    Take care, Xx Michelle

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